Are you a gambling enthusiast who enjoys online casinos but has nostalgia for the genuine article? If you’re like us, you appreciate the convenience of gaming on the web, but miss the classic casino atmosphere.

Fortunately, virtual reality provides the most useful of both worlds. Since 2016, there has been an impressive emphasis in VR technology across industries. Game developers throughout the board have found approaches to offer players an immersive and interactive gambling experience that they’ll enjoy in the comfort of their home.

Best VR Casinos online in AU – 2022

How to Play at VR Casinos Online?

  1. Find the best brand-new casino to play

    The very best on line casino game developers around are experimenting with VR technology. If you have the apparatus, it’s easy to find a VR casino that gives a mind-blowing experience.

  2. Register an account

    As with any gambling platform, you’ll have to sign up to reap all the benefits of VR gambling.

  3. Choose your game

    There are many slots and video poker games that you can enjoy with the right software and hardware.

  4. Play and Win!

    Once you’ve chosen a game that appeals to you, get started and enjoy!

What is VR Casino?

Virtual reality is reshaping just how we think about on the web gambling. The ability of VR technology gives you the opportunity to have an immersive and interactive casino experience. This computer technology uses hardware like headsets and multi-projected surroundings to simulate a casino environment. Sometimes, this tech works in combination with physical settings and props to build realistic sensations.

VR casinos bring a lifelike atmosphere to the world of online gaming. These platforms are designed as luxurious and costly casinos that produce you feel like you’re in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

These casinos use VR software and hardware to bring forth something that goes much further than your standard 2D or 3D on the web casino. You will find detail by detail game rooms, which you’ll manage to explore in a completely immersive way. The slot machines are realistic, and you will sit back at 3D game tables, pick your seat. You’ll even manage to build relationships the live-dealer, display hand and human anatomy gestures, and observe your surroundings.

VR casinos incorporate real casino sounds and in-game boards. You can also stop off at the bar or sit in the lounge to socialize with other players. When it comes to on the web gambling, a VR is really as near to the real deal as you will get.

Types of VR Casino Games

As the VR casino industry continues to be in development, you will find already many games that make the most out of this technology.

Table Games

Casino VR Poker, a game developed in Switzerland, features a nice interface and realistic environment. This casino hosts six Texas Hold’em tables as well as spatial voice chatting so you can interact.

At the start of the gameplay, you get a stack of free chips. You can replenish your chips with winning hands or in-app purchases. Nevertheless, this game is an entertainment-only casino, which means you won’t manage to cash-in.


One of the first casinos applying this technology was Slotsmillion, a platform developed by Lucky VR. You will find over forty machines and a casino game room that bears a sparking resemblance to genuine. This platform offers real-money gambling, and you feel like you’re in Vegas.

Developers like NetEnt and Microgaming are also working on VR slots games. What’s interesting is that the reels are removed from the machine and instead are typical around you. Coins rain down and characters dance next to you.

VR Live Dealer Casino Games

As we mentioned early in the day, virtual reality technology is still in an experimental phase for many game developers. At this moment, you are able to play slots, video poker, and more, and interact with an avatar, dealer, and players.

Virtual Reality Casino Gear

Enjoying VR gaming requires the correct hardware. Speciality headsets are needed in addition to a powerful computer. Before you spend money on kit, it’s best to research and review headsets on the market.

The most popular hardware in the industry is the Oculus Rift and the Touch Virtual Reality system. The Rift is sold with six games already included like Quill, Lucky’s Tale, and Medium.

To play at virtual reality casinos, you’ll want a keyboard or controller to take pleasure from the games. The Oculus Rift also is sold with touch controllers. Another popular headset may be the HTC Vive. This 1 includes motion controllers.

The majority of this gear takes a relatively beefy high-performance gaming PC. With this recommended hardware, you’ll feel immersed in the VR casino world. You can also use other VR equipment; the ability might just be less awe-inspiring.

Why You Should Try VR Casino Online

This technology is in its rise. If you’d like gambling experience that’s entirely different and new, VR may be the approach to take. Since many of the present platforms are entertainment-only, you can attempt them out before you wager any real cash.

When you play, you’ll have the ability to speak to other players, explore a virtual world, and experience a complete new type of gaming.