Keno is a lottery-type game that originated from China through the Han dynasty around 205-187 BC. The ancient game’s origin lies with Cheung Leung, a government functionary who saw state-sanctioned gambling as a much better method than additional taxation to improve funds for public works.

Modern lotteries and keno games were only legally allowed in China from 1847, but these games grew in popularity and were exported to Australia and the USA with Chinese migrants. Gamblers exchanged the Chinese characters for Arabic numerals to help make the game more appealing to English-speaking players. Technology advances allowed pc software developers to supply keno on line and on-demand to punters.

You’ll check out the main rules and options that come with on the web keno, different wagers, strategies, odds, and the home edge of the overall game. We cover these topics at length:

Best Websites to Play Keno

If you’re keen to play keno games, decide to try one of these websites from our set of trusted casinos offering keno UK. We’ll only display licensed and safe websites for you to use.

Online Keno Main Rules Explained

When you play online keno, you’ll find the same rules apply as in a live casino. The overall game is simple to understand and is situated entirely on luck. You’ll have the capability of playing a lottery on demand any time of the day.

You select the numbers you wish to bet on, wait for the draw, and collect your winnings according to the paytable. Here’s an even more step-by-step break down of the gameplay:

  • You have a grid with 80 numbers to choose from
  • Select the numbers you want to play on the grid
  • Most games will offer the choice to make a random selection on your behalf
  • Select the amount you want to bet on each combination
  • Select the number of games to play
  • Click on the Play button

You win if you’ve guessed some of the numbers correctly. The game paytable informs you what the game will pay for winning number combinations. Winnings think on balance instantly.

Understanding Types of Bets at Keno Game

When you play keno on the web, you’ll realize that some games give you different betting options. Although the names make them seem complicated, these variations in route you place a stake are straightforward. We’ve explained a number of the terms to help you know what to anticipate and the different bet types obtainable in keno.

2 1 straight tickets 400 250

Straight tickets

A straight or regular ticket may be the most straightforward keno ticket there is. You choose the numbers to bet on and add them to your card. The card is valid for just one game, as well as your payout is dependent upon exactly how many numbers you guessed precisely.
2 2 way tickets 400 250

Way tickets

Way tickets permit you to choose and wager on number groupings, upping your likelihood of a win. You can add several categories of five or ten numbers on your own ticket and place your bet.
2 3 king number tickets 400 250

King Number Tickets

You are able to designate a king number that will combine with other numbers on your own card so that as a stand-alone option, providing you with yet another way to win. You can play a king number on some of the different ticket types.
2 4 split tickets 400 250

Split tickets

A split up ticket is a ticket with several number selections. You can play two games simultaneously or split a card multiple instances when you play keno game on the web. There’s no real advantage to a split up ticket except convenience.
2 5 combination tickets 400 250

Combination Tickets

The combination ticket is the most versatile but also the most confusing of the keno tickets. A combination ticket enables you to combine way and straight bets on a single card and is most well-liked by on the web keno players.
2 6 progressive jackpot games 400 250

Progressive Jackpot Games

The progressive jackpots in keno work the same manner as slots progressive jackpots. The game comes with an initial seed amount, and some of every ticket bought contributes to the jackpot prize until some body wins the grand prize. To claim 100% of the jackpot, you’ll need to bet the utmost amount.

All About Odds, RTP & House Edge

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Keno includes a high house edge at 30%. A house edge of 30% means that 30% of most money contributed towards keno tickets is retained by the keno, and 70% is paid out as winnings. When you have 80 numbers to select from, there’s a 1 in 80 chance for each number to come up in each draw.

The chances of catching all three numbers on a three-spot ticket are 1%. The likelihood of having three numbers drawn off a four-spot ticket increase to 4%, and chances of catching all 20 selected numbers on a full draw come to 1: 3, 535, 316, 142, 212, 174, 320.

Most experienced keno players agree that you will find the best odds on a ticket with between six and eight spots. You have a 0. 01% certainty of catching all six numbers but a 13% possibility of three numbers being drawn on a six-spot ticket. The easiest method to appreciate these odds is to take to free keno before playing on the web keno for real money. We’ve provided a dining table below with payouts and odds of winning.

Online Keno odds and payouts
Online Keno: Odds & Payouts
Picked Numbers Numbers Match Payout Odds
2 Numbers 2 out of 20 7:1 1:13
3 Numbers 3 out of 20 25:1 1:48
4 Numbers 4 out of 20 100:1 1:189
5 Numbers 5 out of 20
4 out of 20
6 Numbers 6 out of 20
5 out of 20
7 Numbers 7 out of 20
6 out of 20
5 out of 20
8 Numbers 8 out of 20
7 out of 20
6 out of 20
9 Numbers 9 out of 20
8 out of 20
7 out of 20
6 out of 20
1:6851 in 86
10 Numbers 10 out of 20
9 out of 20
8 out of 20
7 out of 20

Real Money Bonuses for Keno Players

With the high house edge, it’s easy to find online casinos that provide bonuses that can be used for keno. You are able to pick a casino that gives keno and compare the welcome offers and promotions to locate one that you prefer most useful.

Once you’ve selected your casino and preferred bonus, deposit money, and commence playing on the web keno for money. Understand that you need to meet up the casino’s wagering requirements, and you may only have one promotion active at a time, so choose prudently.

Keno Strategies That Might Help You

Even though keno is based purely on luck, it’s always beneficial to have some strategies in place to select how you’ll bet. These strategies might even raise your winning chances. The first thing to accomplish is look at the paytables on the game you’re playing in order to find the best RTP for how many spots on the ticket. You on average realize that choosing six or seven numbers offers you the highest RTP.

Online keno – return to player
Online Keno RTP (Return to Player) %
1 pick 2 picks 3 picks 4 picks 5 picks 6 picks 7 picks 8 picks 9 picks 10 picks
75% 98.10% 90.19% 89.02% 86.08% 93.79% 93.61% 92.94% 93.49% 90.82%
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Strategy 1 – Looking for Patterns

  • Trying to find patterns can be a popular strategy in other games like Lotto or bingo
  • Trying to find patterns could be especially helpful in live games that use a ball machine
  • The theory is that some numbers come up more often than others
  • Make a summary of the numbers that have appear over the longest possible period
  • Find the numbers that come up more regularly than others and which numbers the equipment seldom catches or never
  • Only bet on the numbers that appear frequently

This plan utilizes the idea that some numbers appear with greater regularity than others. Most on the web casinos use a random number generator to determine the numbers. Each number should appear typically once every 80 times a range is drawn in an infinite number of draws.

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Strategy 2 – Play the Same Numbers All the Time

  • Playing the same numbers on a regular basis is also a favorite strategy for Lotto games
  • Choose your favourite numbers and play them every time
  • You can even combine this tactic with looking for patterns to help choose the numbers to choose

The theory is that each number and number combination has the same potential for being drawn. By not changing numbers when you lose, you have an improved chance that the numbers or number varieties should come up next game. The strategy implies that you can be organized and disciplined after choosing the numbers and combinations you’re feeling supply you with the best chance to win.

Most Popular Types of Online Keno Game

Keno can be an easy game to play and realize that doesn’t have many variations. The number of cards you could play at any time is different, and other games have a progressive jackpot or extra features to win. We’ll explain the primary differences here.

6 1 single card keno 200 200

Single-card keno

  • You choose one set of numbers to play for each game
  • Single-card games are excellent for beginners whilst the game is easier to follow with only one card
  • If your strategy is to always bet in your original numbers, this really is also a fantastic option
  • The game’s pace is slower than a multi-card version
  • You place lower wagers on each game but only have one chance to win
6 2 multi card keno 200 200

Multi-card keno

  • Multi-card keno gives players a chance to win on multiple tickets
  • You can typically select up to seven cards
  • You’ll need to track all the cards you select to play
  • You can select up to 15 numbers per card
  • The game pace is faster than with single-card versions
  • You’ll place a higher wager for each game but have more chances of winning
6 3 progressive jackpot keno 200 200

Progressive jackpot keno

  • The tempting jackpot makes this version very popular among gamblers
  • A portion of each ticket contributes to the progressive jackpot
  • You’ll only win the total jackpot if you place a maximum wager
  • If you win the jackpot on a smaller bet, you’ll be settled a percentage of the jackpot amount
  • The game rules remain the same as for standard keno
  • After the jackpot is won, the total amount is reset to the casino’s seed amount and starts growing with each purchased ticket
6 4 power keno 200 200

Power keno

  • The rules of power keno remain similar to standard keno rules
  • You can select between two and ten numbers on each ticket
  • You can play a multi-card version with up to seven cards
  • You win if a certain number of your selections are drawn
  • Your winnings quadruple if you catch either the first or the last number drawn
  • Power Keno is an exciting and fun version of the standard game

How to Start Playing Online Keno for Real Money?

  1. Choose a Casino from Our List

    Choose among the reliable, licensed casinos from our list to ensure that you can play safely. You’ll need to register before playing on the web for a real income.

  2. Choose an Excellent Welcome Bonus

    Find the casino that has the very best welcome bonus you like and boosts your gambling bankroll.

  3. Make a Deposit

    Check different deposit and withdrawal methods available and use the most convenient anyone to make a deposit after you’ve registered at the casino.

  4. Choose the Game and Get Your Cards

    Choose keno from the casino’s games library, choose your numbers and begin playing.

  5. Take a Win!

    The casino will add any money that you win to balance immediately. You are able to cash out if you like and leave the amount of money in your casino balance or withdraw it to your bank.

A few Tips for Keno Players

  • fast payout

    Choose Casinos and Games with Best Payouts

    The internet hosts a wide variety of casinos, each one having its features. Some offer incredible welcome bonuses and promise high rates of payouts (RTP). When looking for a casino to play Keno on, choose knowledgeably.

  • fast payout

    Use Free Play Option to Test the Game

    The worst experience you can have in on line Keno for the money is placing your deposit and then realising later that you don’t like the game. Always utilise the online free Keno play options before you engage.

  • fast payout

    Select 4 to 8 numbers

    When you decide on significantly less than four numbers, the probability that you will win is very low. In the event that you select significantly more than eight numbers, you’ll have to get more than four digits in the draw before you see any profits. The idea is always to boost your chances. If the winnings are small, it’s ok, just provided that they’re consistent.

  • fast payout

    Start Small

    The principle with playing any new game is always to start small. Even if you have familiarised yourself with the Keno games free test versions, online gameplay is influenced by the money riding on the end result.

  • fast payout

    Manage your bankroll

    Unlike popular belief, managing your bankroll is not only about once you understand when to avoid depositing money into a game but also once you know when to cash out. It’s not unheard of that the win results in a loss.

  • fast payout

    Use Online Keno Bonuses

    Make use of the Keno bonuses awarded to you. The latter can there be to bolster your odds of winning. Some allocated prizes have a use-by date. It would be a travesty to allow any bonus to expire without needing it.

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