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Casino Technology is a famous manufacturer of casino gaming products. They have over 2 full decades of experience in the market. On 1 January 2020, the business underwent a rebranding and name change. They truly are now called CT gaming. The rebranding process was based on the company's values of innovation and commitment to conform to the technology industry.

They truly are known for multiplatform game development and gaming machines. Casino Technology bases its work with the core values of trust, creativity, integrity, commitment, respect, and passion. Every thing that's created by this company is based on customer needs which are met by creativity and complete solutions.

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History of the company

Milo Borisov, a Bulgarian engineer, founded Casino Technology. The story begins in 1999 if the company obtained a licence for the manufacture, distribution, and serving of gaming equipment. The Bulgarian Gaming Board granted the permit. This course of action was truly historical, as Casino Technology became the first licensed gaming manufacturer in Bulgaria.

In the same year, the company won an award for Best Glass Design. A pioneer product of the entity called Mega Jack™ was installed on an enormous scale in Bulgaria. The business was already growth-focused.

In 2001, it joined the Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Organizers in the gaming industry. By 2002, Casino Technology expanded its market base, and installation outfits products were produced in individual Baltic states, such as for instance Russia and Ukraine.

The company proceeded to establish creative games like automatic and semi-automatic versions of roulette games. By 2007, Casino Technology's international market extended so far as Canada and South America. Certain games were even approved in the USA after certification have been obtained.

2013 was the season that created integrations between Casino Technology and On the web Operators in Makkah. The company's ISO 27001 certification was obtained just as Casino Technology reached the 20-year mark in 2019. This achievement was accompanied by the rebranding of Casino Technology to CT Gaming. The name became official on 1 January 2020.

CT Gaming Casinos

CT Gaming (Casino Technology) started its journey at land-based casinos. Even though, the provider's focus in recent years has been on the online market.

All the games from the provider are compatible with multiple cellular devices. The business's services and products can be obtained global, and these games can be found at:

  • Casino.com
  • Go Wild
  • Malino Casino
  • Fast Pay Casino
  • Astral Bet

These casinos provide experience of Casino Technology games. They likewise have many different titles from this provider, both old and new.

Game Variety

Casino Technology, now CT Gaming, has a lot more than 500 available titles. The gaming selection is vast, with Legacy games, hot multi games, and recent releases.

The provider has a variety of games, including slots, bingo, and roulette. When browsing the company's official site, the reels, volatility, and payout percentage of every game could be easily accessed. The bonuses are also visible. A distinctive manufacturer product line of Casino Technology is Game Suites. These contain a series of games which have just one theme and common symbols.

The look creates an atmosphere of continuity whilst the roles of the characters in each of the games changes. The games in this segment are linked to a multi-level jackpot. Additionally they offer On line Demo Games. Some games from their gaming library can be obtained in demo form. All games are suitable for mobile devices.

Best Slots by Casino Technology

While Casino Technology, or CT Gaming, has over 500 gaming titles, some slot games tend to be more popular than others. Mega Jack™ is the game that started it all and must be mentioned together of CT’s most readily useful games. Various other popular games out of this establishment have intriguing designs and also have creative themes. These generally include:

  • Treasure Kingdom
  • African Magic
  • Wild Clover
  • Dancing Dragons
  • Bavarian Forest
  • Mighty Rex
  • Pyramid Of Gold
  • Mystic Moon
  • Jade Leaven

Some free online slots by this provider include Cat Queen and Esmarelda.

Regarding slots, Casino Technology has produced a few well-loved items. The games are innovative and designed with a forward-thinking approach. Some of these are:

  • Gemini Plus
  • Sensa Plus
  • Tangra
  • HotRod
  • Arch
  • T3 Slant Top
  • Arch Titan
  • The E2 Modula Range


Is CT Gaming affiliated with Casino Technology?

CT gaming may be the rebranded company, Casino Technology. The website states that CT gaming can be an heir to the initial entity.

What systems does this provider offer?

The systems are called the Big 5™ suite. They comprise a combined mix of five systems, namely: Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, and Lion.

Each system includes a segment that it is best suited with. The Rhino system is connected with casino management. The Lion is connected with money management. The Leopard is the system used for on line gaming, while the Elephant may be the remote game server. The Buffalo system can be used for the universal jackpot.

Does CT Gaming have a social media presence?

Yes, CT Gaming has a LinkedIn profile and a Facebook and Twitter account. They're accessible from the provider's internet site.

How many games are offered in the multi-game package?

The multi-game packages have 5 to 60 different games.