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Want to know every thing there clearly was to know about Lightning Box Gaming? We’ve collated all the information you’ll need on this pc software provider; this will allow you to gamble on a single of its many slot offerings, safe in the knowledge that it’s a reliable company.

Every thing, from its history to the best slot offerings, is discussed below.

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History of the company

Founded in 2004, Lightning Box Games has quickly grown into one of the most popular slot providers in the world. The company is based on the other side of the world in Australia and initially started off making games for console slots at land-based casinos.

Ever since then, it has endeavoured to include pc software for on line casinos, mobile casinos as well as social media-based casinos.

This means that during the time of writing this article, Lightning Box Games currently work with a wide variety of different on the web casino slot providers.

Lightning Box Casinos

Interestingly, Lightning Box Games works with an assortment of different on the web casinos, as well as land-based operators and mobile-specific casinos.

All the casinos that Lightning Box works together with utilizes most, if not all, of the application games on offer; this guarantees many Lightning Box games available.

Most of the best online casino operators run Lightning Box Games on their sites. These include CasiPlay, LeoVegas, Boom Casino, Fortune Jackpots, PlayMillion, Casilando, GoGo Casino, and Casino Calzone.

All of these sites have become reputable. Leo Vegas, like won Casino Operator of the year at the Gaming Intelligence Awards in 2016; in addition, it won the very best Innovation in Tablet and Mobile award at the EGR Innovation Awards.

The awards mean that you know that Lightning Box Games are playable at some of the best Australia Casinos.

Game variety

In terms of game variety, Lightning Box Games focuses solely on slot games and did since its inception over 15 years back. Therefore , its game portfolio consists exclusively of slot games.

Nevertheless , that doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain a good game variety from Lightning Box Games slots. Each game is full of colour and unique, vibrant graphics. These visuals differ from slot to slot, giving each one its distinct appear and feel.

The technology is also well high level, allowing Lightning Box Games to provide a range of different bonus rounds and themes. Enhance that the three and 5-reel variations, along with different symbols and bonus rounds, and each slot game proves to really have a large array of variety from others in the portfolio.

Best slots by Lightning Box

We withstood a lot of difficulties when trying to pick the best slot offered by Lightning Box Games. There clearly was a variety that people could have plumped for from, including Dragon Palace, Blazing Goddess, Panda Pow!, Pixie gold, Fortune 8 Cat, Viking Fire, Chilli Gold 2, Lost Temple, and Lightning Horseman.

Lightning Horseman is an especially exciting slot, considering the fact that it includes a horseback demon that's terrorizing a town in America. This specific slot was one that allowed Lightning Box Games successfully launch it self in to the horror-themed slot market.

Because of this, this is why we chose the Lightning Horseman slot as our favourite offering in the slot game portfolio, put forward by Lightning Box Games.


How long has Lightning Box made online casino games?

Lightning Box Games was founded in 2004. Since then, it has exploded at a level of knots and is now probably one of the most well-beloved slot providers in the world. The company is stationed down under, in Australia, and cut its teeth making console slots for land-based casinos. From there, it had been only a hop, skip and a jump to manufacturing computer software for online casinos, then to mobile casinos and then to the ever-lucrative social media-based casinos. Not bad for only a little over a decade’s progress, right?

Where can I play Lightning Box games?

Most of the very best on the web casino operators run Lightning Box Games on its site. These generally include CasiPlay, LeoVegas, Boom Casino, Fortune Jackpots, PlayMillion, Casilando, GoGo Casino, and Casino Calzone.
These sites have exemplary reputations so when you couple that with as strong an offering as Lightning box creates, you reach a mutually reinforcing combination. You see a casino that provides Lightning Box games, you know the casino has to be good; if Lightning Box games are featured with a casino that you don’t know, it�s likely that that it’s very reputable!

Does Lightning Box have a wide range of games to choose from?

Lightning Box Games includes a narrow focus, without a doubt. For about 10 years and a half, it has really, really honed in on slot games. Nothing wrong with that, of course, nonetheless it does render the question whether there’s all kinds a tough one to completely answer.
If you don’t mind variations on a layout, then yes! You will find different themes, colour combinations and graphics in each slot. Each game has a personality of sorts. In the strict sense, though, Lightning Box games don’t have all that much range in its offerings.

What are the best slots offered by Lightning Box?

We designated Lightning Horseman as a fascinating slot above. It’s unique because it’s about causing fear in a tiny town in the usa and Lightning Box has undoubtedly proven that it could go toe to toe with any other horror-themed slot providers. It’s a curious mix, obviously, relaxation and terror, but a fun one!

Is Lightning Box a well-known company?
Lightning Box’s transition from providing software for online casinos, then mobile casinos and, finally, to social media-based casinos, has cemented its good name. It has proven that it's adaptable, can scale its operation and that it moves with the days. Additionally it is reliable as a potential mate for a wide variety of casinos.