Wilds popping up on a slot machine’s screen sure gets one’s heart racing. Such symbols hold an element of surprise and create anticipation and excitement. When you see them bouncing across the reels, you’re always wondering with what they’ll pair and simply how much you’ll win.

This review looks at the different kinds of wilds that you get in free slot games. So , next time you play, it won’t be confusing when you see terms like sticky, expanding, or moving wilds.

They wildly increase your chances of hitting some juicy wins.

Best Online Casinos to Play Free Slots with Wild Symbol

What Is a Wild Symbol?

Wild may be the boss of most icons. Aside from bonus and scatter symbols, it stands in for all the symbols. It could complete sequences and orders on reels and lines. The completion of those will give players big winnings (if they’re playing for real money).

In short, it may complete matching chains. That is amazing you hit matching symbols on reels one, four, and five. Sadly, reels two and three don’t fall right. If you had wilds on reels two and three, that would offer you a five chain matching conquer five reels.

Types of Wilds

There are various sorts you’ll find. You get sticky, expanding, stacked, moving, random, and straight or diagonal categories. Is your face spinning yet? Don’t fret. We’ll discuss each kind of wild at length. Therefore , buckle up and also have a look.

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Colossal Wilds

A colossal wild expands or fills reels. This sort is generally triggered during a bonus round or free spins. In most games, colossals fill two or three reels. This feature boosts your wins during free spins or bonus rounds.

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Walking Wilds

Walking wilds often appear during free spins or bonus rounds with free spins. Essentially, they retrigger free spins. Therefore , if you have one of these wandering across your reels, free spins will be triggered and put into your remaining free spins.

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Expanding Wilds

An expanding wild ‘stretches’ from the most effective to the bottom of a reel. It replaces other icons on that reel and makes them wild. In certain games, you’ll find expanders on all reel and across all pay lines.

Other games will simply have these expanders on certain reels, just like the first and the last. Some slots require also a ‘stack’ of a certain amount ahead of the expanding wild is triggered over the reel.

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Sticky Wilds

Stickies could be a bit ‘sticky’. They’re not included in the base games, and that means you need to trigger free spins or a bonus to activate them. Nevertheless , when you hit a sticky during free spins or a bonus round, they stick.

Thus, you can collect stickies that remain in put on the reels and pay lines for the duration of the free spins or bonus round. This feature can provide you some pretty impressive wins.

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Stacked Wilds

Stacked wilds are similar to the expanding ones. They cover an entire reel, from top to bottom. Stackers can appear on one or maybe more reels. The word ‘stacked’ fundamentally identifies the wilds mounting up to fill a reel. Like expanders, these may result in some really great wins.

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Random Wilds

This wild feature may appear within a base game, free spins, or a bonus round. These types are randomly added on reels. Because they’re random, you can’t tell whether you’ll get yourself a lot or just a little.

Within a base game, randoms are usually valid for one spin. Random wilds also can become stickies during free spins or a bonus round.

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Straight/Diagonal Wilds

Straight and diagonal wilds are notably not used to the gaming scene. These types are represented by different icons. A straight one only does occur on a selected reel (for example, reel 3). Like an expanding or stacked wild, it fills that reel. Diagonals may appear on two reels (like reels 2 and 4, for instance). A straight wild may also trigger diagonal icons on the opted for reels.

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Wild Duplication

A duplicating wild does that — it duplicates. In the event that you hit one of these symbols, it’ll multiply and randomly add more wilds. These symbols may be triggered in the base game, free spins or bonus round, all with respect to the specific game rules for the slot you’re playing.

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Spreading Wilds

Spreading wilds resemble walking ones. These wilds spread from side of the screen to the other. It can turn other wilds into additional wilds. In some games, these icons are called contagious wilds.

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Floating Wild

A certain ‘floating’ or ‘flitting’ symbol floats over the screen. If the reels stop spinning, this special symbol lands on symbols and converts them to floating wilds. They occur in base games and special games like free spins.

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Wild Reels

Some games have constant wild reels. The amount of wild reels varies from game to game. Some give you one, while some can provide you up to three wild reels during bonus features. In base games, you’ll probably get one wild reel. This reel is constant and no other symbols can appear about it.

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Wild Generation

A cool feature where wild generator icons that are element of winning chains become wilds throughout the next spin. This spin is generally a free avalanche-type spin that is brought about by the wild generator.

How to Win on Slots With Wild Symbols?

There are a few basics to increase your odds of winning on slots with wild symbols. Focus on smaller (even minimum) bets to plot the ‘behaviour’ of the video slot. Determine how usually or infrequently these icons occur and what the payouts appear to be when they do.

Also, take a look at if the wilds are far more prominent during base or bonus rounds. In short, you need to determine the volatility (basic payout ratio) and RTP (return-to-player) rates of the wilds slot.